Though we hope to only hear good news, we know that the nature of our product is exposed to greater scrutiny and expectation than most. So If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or accuracy of your order, please email us to report the problem. We will be happy to help. 

For Non- Deliveries: 

If your order never shipped or wasn't delivered, then we will ship you a free replacement at no additional cost. In addition, we will refund you the original delivery charge because of non or late delivery. If you are completely dissatisfied and do not want re-delivery of your order, then we will issue back a full refund if desired. 

For Late Deliveries (florist delivered):  

If your order was delivered after the intended delivery date, then we will credit you back the original delivery charge for the late delivery. But if the order was delivered late because an address was submitted incorrectly, or the recipient was not available to take delivery, then we cannot provide a full refund, or credit back the original delivery charge. 

For Quality Issues (florist delivered):

  1. If the you are requesting a replacement, you must request the replacement within 3 days from when it was delivered. 
  2. Since we work with 3rd party florists, it is important that you send a picture of the arrangement with your email. We know this may be a hassle, but it is our duty to be sensitive to our florists whose livelihood depend on us. works with over 6000+ florists nationwide and internationally. Sometimes, a florist will not be able to fulfill the exact arrangement due to their location or availability. For these reasons, reserves the right to substitute a flower, vase, and/or accessory due to a florists location and/or availability. Please be assured, in these rare circumstances, your order will be substituted with items that are of equal or greater in value.


We also realize that we are dealing with important moments: birthdays, funerals, births, anniversaries etc... and we know emotions may run high, but we ask that you be courteous to our Customer Service agents. They are never responsible for causing your grief and are only there to help you in your time of need. They are our superheroes. Please be kind and we will surely reach an outcome that everyone can be happy with.